We have a long history behind us, made up of tradition and passion, which began in the early 1900s when Ambrogio Figini, the founder of the family, began to develop a passion for woodworking.

Today we are in the third generation, where modernity and innovation meet tradition and experience.

Over the years we have invested in technology, machinery and facilities, and this has allowed us to offer better quality and greater precision, versatility and efficiency in processing, making us a reference point in the sector.

"Modern Joinery"

We have decided to characterize ourselves by the high quality of our creations, developing each production phase independently, from the design to the finished detail, so that we can also manage the timing of the work, not outsourcing any process.

We define ourselves as a modern joinery, a new concept that winks at the future and is one step ahead of many other companies in the sector. We believe that in order to grow we need to innovate and invest in people, in their know-how, increase skills and professionalism to continue to offer top quality products.

We put a lot of emphasis on the people who work within our company, because that is where everything comes from.


Great care in the selection of materials means at the same time ensuring the best service to a customer who chooses a priority of value for money, so as to identify the best parts in the desired price range.



We exclusively use glues with low formaldehyde content (max. 2%) and harmful emissions.


Given the need to follow every design specification regarding the specific type of wood desired, it is our preference to purchase timber from FSC-certified sources.


Figini for the environment: we care about the environment and respect our surroundings, which is why we have been almost completely self-sufficient in energy since 2010 with a 50 kWh photovoltaic system.


Production waste such as scrap and dust are disposed of through certified recycling companies.