Our work starts with TECHNICAL CONSULTING where we analyze the project with the aim of formulating our analysis in order to be able to advise and propose the most appropriate choice of materials and finishes for the job.

We then move on to preliminary SAMPLING to make sure that our vision matches exactly what you had envisioned for your project.


"Great Attention to details"

This is followed by on-site SURVEYS to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

We get to the heart of the matter with DESIGN starting from scratch or from a draft proposed by the customer, this phase is developed whether it is a single piece of furniture or a complete piece of furniture, we then move on to the executive details of the project with ENGINEERING, choosing the type of fittings and materials to be used.

There is a great deal of attention and a phase of RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT to select the best raw materials and we are always up to date on new materials, mechanisms and processes.

"Quality Control"

This leads to the PRODUCTION phase, which is carried out entirely in our workshop with competent, skilled, and specialized personnel and state-of-the-art machinery.

A scrupulous QUALITY CONTROL phase, where we thoroughly check and eliminate the presence of any defects or imperfections and, for greater control, we test each piece of furniture by assembling it in our laboratory, thus avoiding any inconveniences at the point of delivery.


"Assistance and Consultation"

We organize the SHIPMENT of the finished product with our own means of transport, using packaging and crates designed to ensure the safety of the furniture during transport.

Finally, we take care of the ASSEMBLY of our furniture using specialized personnel. In the event where assembly is carried out by the customer, we guarantee the necessary assistance and advice, thus ensuring a workmanlike installation and respect for the functionality of the project.

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